Why Do We Love Astrology

Hi I’m Dawn Marie and I’d like to welcome you to my site.  I have long had a fascination with the mystical arts, astrology in particular and have some connection with them myself. I will reveal more as my blog grows but for now I hope that you find the same interest in mysticism and astrology that I do.

Astrology Is Popular Because It Does Allow a Person to Feel That Their Own Lives Are Controlled By Forces That They Have No Control Over.

Astrology offers to many of its believers things that they find desirable in life. It allows them to get information about themselves, assurance of the future, a way to be absolved of the situation in which they find themselves, a guide to take future decisions, and above all to feel connected to the Universe, which they feel influences events on earth.

Astrology and New Age Thinking

Many thinkers of the modern generation do believe that nothing in life is coincidental. Their views lead to the belief that all events in life, even the most insignificant of them, happens for a reason. Astrology practitioners contend that they have the answers to why they happen, and can even predict them before their actual occurrence. This gives people the understanding of their lives and the happenings in the world that they live in. This is what many people will feel does prepare them to face and prepare for the experiences that they have to undergo.

Modern day astrology is popular because it has been shown to work quite well. It is a rare person who comes back from a visit to the astrologer without a feeling of satisfaction and knowledge that he or she feels, can benefit them. Astrologers can rarely predict a person’s future correctly, but even so visits to them give most persons a feeling that they have gone through a satisfying personal experience.
Astrology has led to people with varying levels of interest with the majority looking at it as some entertainment when they read the sun signs. There is a small percentage of people, probably two percent, who have knowledge about their own chart and do indulge in some form of self examination. The percentage of people who actually calculate charts to seek meaning to life and predict the future is just a small fraction of one percent.

Is Astrology a Form of Psychiatric Counseling?

The core reason why astrology is so popular stems from the fact that it affords reassurance, something that scientists like astronomers find it difficult to give. The astrologer will most probably hold your hand and look you in the eye, and explain how it is the cosmos or Universe that governs life on earth. Many astrologers are adept at reading faces and can tell you facts about your character and life through this facility and automatically get the confidence of the person whose future or past they are trying to lay out. This creates a bond which is flattering. The astrologer then puts forth a view that the world is ruled by forces, which operate as ordained and over which we human beings have very little control.
This in itself convinces the person whose future is being read, that he or she is not responsible completely for the problems or mistakes in life. This in itself gives confidence and acts as a huge ego booster, which in turn sets a person’s mind at ease. Many people with problems just need someone to listen to what they are saying and act concerned about them. Most advice given by astrologers is rarely specific and is quite often amenable to interpretation in many ways. It is more than likely that future events will work out in such a way that they do fall within the interpretations, this giving credence to the predictions.

Astrology –An Enduring Belief

Astrology has been in existence as a science for centuries and there are many learned treatises about this science in ancient literature from all regions of the world. Astrology connects mankind to the cosmos and the events that have unfolded since the beginning of time. It allows for describing the character and nature of a person, and allows for a wide range of approaches to problems. The very fact that birth signs have been proved to be very effective in describing the personality of a person and how they will interact with others in their world, have been responsible for the wide popularity of astrology.
There is a rare person who does not read the astrological predictions that most papers publish about birth signs, and many people sincerely believe that these do help them to deal with the events that do unfold in their day.

Astrology acts like a low cost therapy that is never life threatening. The sympathy and warmth that will come with visits to an astrologer are hard to come by with any other form of intervention by qualified professionals. The visits generally give rise to new ideas and caution that in a way helps people to deal with whatever events unfold in their life. It raises spiritual awareness and this in itself acts to give a person more mental strength and fortitude to face problems.



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How Can Astrology Help Us

Astrology has long been a fascination of mine and I often wonder  how many people have benefitted from a good astrology reading.  At their best, Astrology readings can be life-changing, not because they are completely right but because they often help people review their lives and lifestyles.

My SIgn taurusTake health for example. A good friend of mine, a typical health worrier, was persuaded to look at her health and act on it after visiting n astrologer. The astrologer in question has a good reputation in the area where I live an my friend was astounded by both the accuracy and insightfulness of her reading. As a result she (my friend) came out of her shell’ on health an began to take it more seriously with medical consultations, homeopathy and more.   Now some months later, she is a changed person and puts her ‘new’ healthier life down to the astrology reading she had those many months ago.

In another case a male acquaintance was persuaded, reluctantly, to have a reading regarding his professional aspirations.  This career horoscope had a profound effect on him and, as he said, “it wasn’t because the reading was highly accurate; it was because of what it told me about myself and how I think and see reward and ambition”.   In his case his Aries career horoscope reading allowed him to look introspectively at how career astrology applied to him and his personal character. Realising what type of professional person he actually was has allowed him to make more informed career decisions.

Yet another friend (who is lovely) is not good at money management. Accordingly he has also used astrology readings to inform himself of his financial vulnerabilities as a person and thereby allow him to be more responsible in his use of money.

The key thing then – I think – is that at its most fundamental astrology is not about accurate predictions of the future. I personally believe the value in horoscope readings lies in the insight they provide to us as a person and how we tick.  Like the Career astrology reading above, I feel that we can learn about ourselves by seeing ourselves through a different lens. I know I have found such readings extremely helpful at the more difficult times of my life, be that myself or one of my family or friends.

If you are sceptical about astrology then I can understand that but why not arrange a reading with a good, reputable astrologer and see. Don’t focus on what may happen 6 months from then but rather look at what you can learn about yourself as a person, your motivations and drivers.  You may reach an understanding that has eluded you thus far.

My Career Astrology (Taurus)


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